We are limiting the footfall into the health centre in order to protect both our staff and patients. We are offering telephone triage daily and the doctor will determine when, how and where you will be treated. Please ring before 10.30am.



Practice Survey Reporting

The Patient Experience was commenced on the week commencing 4th March 2019. All patients who presented to the reception desk were offered a questionnaire. This included patients calling to collect prescriptions, attending treatment room or chronic disease clinic, GP consultations and also anyone making general enquiries. 10 questionnaires were posted to a random sample of patients who had received a home visit in the previous 3 months, along with a SAE. 8 were returned and included with others.


2% of practice list size to be surveyed


Number of surveys   =70


Number of surveys needed = 72 number completed - 83


Number of surveys needed = 73

Number completed=77

What number would you use to rate the Practice with 10 being the best possible and 0 being the worst ever

95% scored the practice 7 or above

45% gave the highest rating of 10 70% rated 9 or above

5% rated between 4 and 6

0% scored below 4

99% rated 7 or above

52% rated 10

73% rated 9 or above

0% rated 5 or below

99% rated 7 or above

58% gave the highest rating of 10

72% scored 9 or more

0% rated the practice lower than a 5. Only one scored 5 or 6 and 5 scored 7.

How likely would you be to recommend the Practice to someone who has just moved to the area?

95 % were extremely likely or likely

2% stated they were unlikely to recommend the practice

100% said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend the practice.

94% said they were extremely likely or likely to recommend the practice


In addition to the standard questions, we asked another 3 questions in relation to the current system of open surgery on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  1. Do you use open surgery?
  2. Do you like the open surgery arrangement?
  3. Would you prefer a system where emergency appointments are available daily on a first come/ first served basis?

The open surgery has been used by most of the questionnaire respondents and most like the current set up, however 56 of the 77 (73%) would prefer a daily surgery for emergency appointments and this is something we may consider in the future.


  1. Have you any suggestions on how we might improve our service?
  • Bookable appointments within a reasonable time frame – what is ‘reasonable’?
  • Move Jayex as can’t see it from some seats –can’t be moved
  • Telephone consultations to put patients mind at ease if anxious and not really needing seen – already do this
  • Children to be prioritised – already do this
  • Take emergency patients first – already do this
  • Employ another doctor – not practical
  • Email for repeat prescriptions – already available
  • Evening surgery – funding issue
  • Don’t do open surgery – may consider change to this in future
  • Water fountain – health and safety issue/ water is available from kitchen if requested
  • Too long to wait at open surgery – high demand = long waits

Some positive comments included:

  • Staff are excellent
  • Doctors and staff are nice
  • Staff very helpful
  • Very courteous and helpful
  • Staff are great – nothing is every any trouble
  • Keep doing what you are doing – it seems to work. Well done!

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